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8 Tips For Staging Your North Carolina Home Exterior This Fall

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Oct 22 5 minutes read

The three Ls are crucial when staging your North Carolina home exterior this fall.  Landscaping, landscaping, landscaping affects the curb appeal. 

So are the basics. Remove the clutter outside, deep clean driveways and walkways, and add exterior lighting and pops of color. Don’t forget to stage your deck or patio, too. 

During the current pandemic, more buyers are judging your home’s curb appeal online through a virtual tour. That means your home’s exterior has to grab the buyer’s attention and affection from the very first click.

Take advantage of the season and use these tips to help stage your house and yard.

1. Clean Up the Clutter

Your home’s exterior needs the same decluttering focus as the interior, maybe even more. 

No one will see the beautiful lawn if it's covered with leaves and pine needles. Weed, rake leaves, and remove any fallen or dead branches from your yard. Remove any trash or debris and store lawn maintenance equipment and kids’ toys out of sight. 

2. Deep Clean

Give your home added sparkle with a deep scrub. Clean the windows and power wash driveways and walkways. 

You can power wash your siding as well, but take care not to damage it. Restain or repaint well-worn decks and porch steps. 

3. Add Exterior Lighting

Help your home shine with strategically placed exterior lighting. This is especially helpful as the days get shorter in the fall. 

Install lights along walkways and driveways. Update lighting fixtures by the front door and leave the porch light on for evening showings.

4. Add Pops of Color

Draw eyes to your exterior improvements by planting some color with blooming fall annuals like chrysanthemums or pansies. 

Flank your front door with mums in colorful planters. Throw in a new doormat and fall wreath on the door, and you’ve got an instant entrance upgrade. 

Add colorful throw pillows or rugs to your deck or patio furniture. Potted plants and flowers are also inexpensive infusions of autumnal beauty.

5. Repair/Replace Doors

If your front door and garage door are past their prime, replace them. A decorative new front door refreshes the exterior and adds style. It could also increase security and energy efficiency, which are appealing to buyers. 

The same thing goes for garage doors, but on an even bigger scale. If replacements are too costly, you can repair, repaint, or restain your doors to freshen them up. 

6. Stage Your Deck or Patio

Decorate your deck, patio, or outdoor space like you’re entertaining a crowd. String up some party lights and set a dazzling deck table complete with a festive centerpiece. 

These touches allow prospective buyers to visualize how they can use your deck or patio for their own gatherings.

7. Plant Trees

If you’re planning to sell your home next year, fill your yard with Southern magnolias, Japanese maples, and other native trees. 

Trees add beauty, cooling shade, and energy-saving benefits to your home. Trees also can increase the value of your home by as much as 11%.

8. Upgrade Your Landscaping

If you want to set your yard apart, consider professional landscaping. If that’s a budget buster, you can do a lot to improve your landscaping on your own. 

Here’s how: Add fresh mulch, greenery, and autumn annuals to flower beds or landscaped areas. Mow your lawn and maintain it regularly. Reseed or resod dead patches as needed. 

Or, consider converting those dead patches into an environmentally friendly space. Try planting ground cover, native plants, or a rain garden instead of new turf. A smaller lawn could appeal to prospective buyers who don’t want the hassle or expense of maintaining a large lawn.

Help Your Home Make a Great First Impression

Staging the exterior of your property is essential in this age of virtual tours. Snag a buyer’s interest with the snappiest presentation possible. These strategies can help you create a lasting first impression for buyers looking to purchase a home this fall.

Bryce Thompson is a home stager and freelance writer who specializes in inexpensive ways to improve curb appeal. 

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